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Since the responsibility of maintaining the Dancing Finger O’ Sarcasm Award now falls on the shoulders of MTE, it’s seems fitting that a new intro be done up, right? I don’t know where to begin, but I’ll tell you this: I can’t just write an intro for this thing that’ll do it justice. This thing really stands on it own. So I’ll tell you about it.

The Dancing Finger O' Sarcasm began sometime this century. Considering most awards out there really suck, it didn't matter if another joined the pack. Unfortunately, for the rest, this one's better than the others. Not just because this is a biased opinion, but because it is what represents. Sarcasm. Ridicule. Uncaring. There aren't many that can boast the same

We haven’t changed the award or the true spirit of T.D.F.O.S.A. With that said and done, I present to you The (not) New and (never) Improved Dancing Finger O’ Sarcasm Award!

But there seems to be some resistance by certain Awardee's to display this fine animinated gif on their pages (I can't imagine why...) Let's face it, this award is so meaningless (and possibly despised), most of these people either don't know they ha
ve won this award, don't care or have forgotten. This award business can really suck. (And if you think frames suck, click here.  It will kill music.)

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